Lessons: Voice - Piano - Flute

All lessons are tailored to meet each studentís individual needs and goals. A standard lesson will start with warm ups, move on to technical exercises before spending some time working on repertoire.


Lessons are generally 30 minutes or 45 minutes in duration depending on the studentsí needs.


First Lesson is FREE.

This lesson is used to find out what you hope to get from the lessons and to help you set some goals. You will be walked through a standard lesson including warm up, technique training and a start on your repertoire.

This lesson is also a chance to meet Christine and experience her teaching style. If you do not like the lesson, or just feel the teaching style will not work for you, you are under NO OBLIGATION to continue lessons with Christineís Singing.

30 minute lessons start from $25 a lesson.

Fees are payable at the start of each school term for the entirety of that term. (Usually 10 week terms on average.) If starting mid- term, payment is due at the start of the third lesson for number of lessons offered in balance of the school term.


Practice Ė students must practice in-between scheduled lessons and during term breaks. Lack of practice will usually result in a lack of progress bringing frustration to both student and instructor.

Punctuality - Students must arrive at least 5 minutes before their lessonís scheduled start time to ensure lesson can start on time.

Reschedule/Cancellation - At least 24 hours notice must be given if you are unable to attend a scheduled lesson*. If notice given, lessons can be re-scheduled to a time convenient to both student and instructor that falls within the same school term. Missed lessons WILL NOT be carried over to the next school term^.

*Less than 24 hours notice of non-attendance may be given if student has medical certificate.
^If instructor cancelled lessons cannot be rescheduled within the school term a discount will be applied to the next termís fees.